German Sheperd & Doberman for work and fun!!


10.11.12. Huldra did get her BH at Inner City Working Dog Club, judge were FCI Kristiaan De Sweemer.


9.11.12. WOW!!! Congratulation to Frank & Diesel again!!!

8th place at GSD Nationals 2012, High New England and with the score 93-92-94=279

And not enugh with that, Frank did run, and got elected as USCA Schutzhundclub new Vise President, next to the new president Jim Alloway!

We would like to thanks SNHWDC & good friends for all the help, special to Vadim P as the helper. CPN for our Vertex. We wish the new office good luck!


24.10.12. Second place at New England Regional Championship was Frank and Diesel! Also High Protection!! Congratulation my man, you have worked hard to get there!

Diesel is now going to the GSD Nationals next week, hope that he will performe as good, and hopefully better!....

Kaos was also enterd, with the goal to pass he's last trial! He did... And is now going to be retierd for competitions because of he's neck injury... He is still in training, and we might do some other stuff with him, were the pressuers are off from he's neck.



Kaos & My August - 12

Cayos & he's kids.  Cayos ( sitting ) Ibux, Huldra & Diesel. -july 2012


05.09.12. Cayos did it again, Ebola del Camino Duro did get 7 puppies last week. Mom and kids are allright. It's Cayos's breeder Jon Gjerpe who is having the litter down in Texas.

We also want to present the new youngster we got in the house,

Hostil vom Kiahaus.


18.8.12.  Everyone who know's Frank will understand way, but it is with a broken heart that I post this, Even that I know he is allright. Frank sold Ibux to a state trooper and will enter the K9 training in Oct. He will live with he's handler and he's family as a singel dog, go to work and hopefully be a awesome police dog. But I miss that little man like crazy... It was for sure something special about him, but he missed the little extra for the sport that he's father and sister has...  And what Frank wants from he's dogs. We wish Ibux and he's handler Good Luck!!!

One the other side, Frank have got a new youngster in the house... 10 months old Hostile have arrive... 

Cayos is still loving to go to training, to get he's ball... 9 1/2 year old.



15.07.12. The summer is here, and with 30 -35 cellsius outside it's fun for the dogs to do something else... They love the swimming trips, and they enjoy every min of it. Special the old man who just found out that it might be toys out in the water as well...

Yes they do love eatchother....  

My & Kaos is cooling down...


Huldra is swimming...


 The Old Man is enjoying the summer, and the hot wather.

23.06.12. Breedings and plans.

Cayos do have a girlfried here visiting, from Texas. It's Jon Jerpe and Kennel Xazziam who ownes her, and also is Cayos's breeder. I'm very happy about her, super friendly, out going and always in a good mod. Here is a link to her pedigree  

We also are planning to try again to breed My with Bruno, since she did't take last time, and Bruno beeing gone, we will have to do frozen AI...  It's scary since there only exist for some few breedings and I'm very lucky that I will be alowed to use one of the doses from Bruno... He was one of the best male I ever have seen, and I think he will be a good combination with My....


12.06.12. It was very scary, tryed to do protection work with Kaos last night... First time since he got hurt 10 weeks ago, but after 3 and 4 bite I realise that we worked realy good, and he did not show anything that something was wrong... So we will slowly bould him up again, and maybe we can get ready for New England Regionals in Sept...

 25.05.12. So... I gues I suck about updating the webpage, but here is a short story:

Lille Cajos and Bitter, the 2 GSD puppies after Cayos that we had for some few months have now moved to Sweden in their new homes. Hope the new owners will be happy with them, they both was 2 very nice puppies, and it's now up to the new owners how far they can go ;-)

Frank and Diesel have had a ok start for the WDC and AWDF, they have some stuff to work on and I'm sure they will figuer it out.

I was planning to show Kaos at both events as well, but 2 weeks befor WDC did he show some pain under training. After x-rays, 2 visit to the Vet ect, did the best chiropractor Dr.Ham figuer it out.... He had a piched nerve in he's lower neck.. And with chiropractor treatments as well as rest and some stretching exersise, is he now starting to feel better and hopefuly will be ready for New England Regionals.

My have collectet 2 new titles, a TR 2 and OB 2.... I chose to not put her in for IPO 2 becase she is the princess and the wather was nice and hot... ( she refuse to work when it's hot) I am also planning to breed her again next time she is in heat with the same male, Bruno. Who I'm very sadly have to report have left this world. He got shoot and killed by the neighbors... But I have acces to frozen sperm after him.

Bruno was one of the best dobermann male I ever have meet... He had a big heart for the work, loved he's people and had a super temperment.

 Cayos is doing good, and we might have some females coming up to breed to him in the future.

Ibux is growing and are starting to be a very handsome boy.

15.03.12. Ok, so here is the news. My did not take, and are not with puppes  We are planning to try again on her next heat, again with Bruno.

We also have done Huldras hips and elbows and they looked really good. Vet said that it have been a looooong time since they saw hips who were that good... Will send them to SV in Germany, and will have the result in 4-6 months...

14.02.12. Maybe... Did do ultrasound of My on Thursday, it is only on day 21 so kind of to early to see if there is someone... But we did see some black dots in there! So we will recheck her next week to see if there is some small demones in there! She is very hungry and acting different then normal...

12.02.12.  Got my paperwork for our Kennel name.... Av Garm Haus.

Garm is a wolf in the old Norwegian mythology, and was guarding the gate down to Hell...

02.05.12.  My and Bruno is been bred, more update will come shortly.

01.17.12.  Here is some info about the litter. 


We are palnnign our first litter of puppies! And it is going to be a dobermann litter, were we ar using our diva, My or NUCH BH SL 1 SCHH 1 ZTP V1B  Black Jax Bit's Of Insolence. The stud we are going to use, is SchH3 Bruno vom Wustenstrum.  I have for a while been looking at this male, and when I got the change to see him live at AWDF 2010 I made up my mind. He has a super temperment, who is the reaseon number 1 whay I chose him. Coming off the protection field with he's sleev in the mouth and a 3 year old kid is running up to him to give him a big hug... The dog stoped and just waited while he was wagging he's tail... This is also a male who loves to train and work. He have a super good and calm grip, and he never stops or slow's down.

Brunos Schh 2 Courage Test

Bruno's Schh 3 Courage Test


He's littermate have also been doing good on the competiton field. Bruno's sister Brenna have been to the IDC WM twice, Jewel & Boeing is two other female from the same litter and they both are schh 3. Bruno, Brenna and Jewel have been showed at multiple nationals championships.

My is right now a Norwegian Showchampion, ZTP V1B SL1 Schh 1. She is a strong female who think she is the queen of the world. She loves to work, and tracking is her favorit phase. Her grips is hard and calm. My have been " all over the world" I have loost track over how many times she have been flying back and forth between Norway, Sweden and USA. She have also passed the Swedish MH, who is a temperment test without any problems. She have been showed at IDC 08 with Exellent. Her sister became IDC Youngster Sigr -07. So she have the beauty as a dobermann should have, but she also can work!

Both dogs have good health, they have passed the 24 Hours Holter without any problems. Bruno is DCM Negative tested. Both is vWD free and have good hips and elbows.

 If you are intterested in a puppy from this combo, please email me for more info at


1.23.12. This is the plan, will drive down to NC sometimes next week to breed My to Bruno.

We will also go and get 2 Cayos son's that are staying at our house for a while. They both are going to be exportet out from USA to Sweden.  

01.20.12. Finally did My come up in heat!!! And will be breed to Bruno when the time is right! More info will come shortly!

31.12.11. We are in the end of 2011, and we would like to thanks everyone for this great season. Cayos was enterd for AWDF and ended with 84-88-83, a nice performance and a great end for a awesome career, 8 years old.

Cayos alos have had 5 breedings this years, with some really nice females. We have keppt one puppy out of one litter, and 2 puppies are planned to be exportet to Sweden.

Kaos have had a super year! Schh 2 and Schh 3, IPO 3 and was enterd for New England Regionals were he did a great job. He was the only dobermann who was showed. The year ended with UDC Classic Fall were he became 2nd, Best  Obediense and best HOT. Kaos have impressed us well this season.. He have some kind of allergy and have problem with he's nose. So tracking is a really dificult pase for us.. But we will keep training and see if we can pass all 3 pases at WDC & AWDF in 2012.

My or our "Diva"  have passed the ZTP 1VB with only 5 weeks of bitework after 1 year brake and healing... She also got her schh 1 with 100 points tracking!!! Our try to get the schh 2 was not that easy, since Miss Diva thougt otherwise... Was to hot for her ( in her mind ) She also have gone true som Vet test's, since dobermann is a breed with some health issues. We did the 24 hours holter with her, and even bitework while she had it on. She is 100% healthy that day. We have planned to breed her... well as the Miss Diva she is... She decide to not come up in heat when she should, and we still are waiting...  

Diesel have aslo had a super year! From BH - Schh 3 in one season. When he did he's schh 2 at the New England Regionals he qualified for the Nationals were he was one of the youngest who was enterd, togheter with he's littermate D'cuda, both Cayos son's. Diesel also became Schh 2 Regionals Champion.

Huldra is now in training for the sport, and she is very alot like her father. Just crazy insane..

Ibux is the youngster... and right now he looks good. Can't wait to see more of him.


Thanks again to everyone that have helped us with this awesome season, it have been toons of fun and hard work. We wish you all a Happy New Year and good luck in 2012.

Kjersti & Frank.


06.12.11. The Cayos - Anniken breeding was successful, 2 females and 5 males was born yesterday, and mom with all the puppies is doing good.


13.11.11. Cayos is breed to Ebola del Camino Duro,  conntact Kennel Xazziam for more info,

 Frank & Diesel have had their first advanture at the Nationals togheter. Diesel did well and had a good performance. Some young dog mistake, but it was a good experiance for them both. 78-88-91=257.

 23.10.11. I'm really bad about updating this page right now, but some news..

Cayos is breed to Anniken av Stavanger, this took place about 3 weeks ago, so we hope that we are getting some good new's soon...

This breeding is also a 2-3 linebreeding on Ufo van Guy's Hof... So good luck to all the new puppy buyers 

16.10.11. A little late, but well well... Diesel have got he's schh 3 with 282! And are one he's way to the Nationals this year! 

Kaos was enterd for the UDC Fall Classic 2011 Trial, were he screwd up big time in the track.. But made it. Super happy about ob, and he did a good protection routine.. A little out of controll and now blind serch at all.... We went home with a new title, and 2th place, High Ob and High HOT!

My is still not showing anything right now to get into heat... But the plan is still to breed her to Bruno as fast as she is ready.... If you are interesting in this breeding or having any questions, you can email me at

05.09.11. We are palnnign our first litter of puppies! And it is going to be a dobermann litter, were we ar using our queen, My or Black Jax Bit's Of Insolence. The stud we are going to use, is SchH3 Bruno vom Wustenstrum. I have for a while been looking at this male, and when I got the change to see him live at AWDF 2010 I made up my mind. He has a super temperment, who is the reaseon number 1 whay I chose him. Coming off the protection field with he's sleev in the mouth and a 3 year old kid is running up to him to give him a big hug... The dog stoped and just waited while he was wagging he's tail... This is also a male who loves to train and work. He have a super good and calm grip, and he never stops or slow's down.

Brunos Schh 2 Courage Test

Bruno's Schh 3 Courage Test


He's littermate have also been doing good on the competiton field. Bruno's sister Brenna have been to the IDC WM twice, Jewel & Boeing is two other female from the same litter and they both are schh 3.

My is right now a Norwegian Showchampion, ZTP V1B SL1 Schh 1 and she is going for her 2 and hopefull the 3 before the breeding take plase. She is a strong female who think she is the queen of the world. She loves to work, and tracking is her favorit phase. Her grips is hard and calm. My have been " all over the world" I have loost track over how many times she have been flying back and forth between Norway and USA. She have also passed the Swedish MH, who is a temperment test without any problems. She have been showed at IDC 08 with Exellent. Her sister became IDC Youngster Sigr -07. So she have the beauty as a dobermann should have, but she also can work!

The breeding will take plase this fall, and if you are intterested in a puppy from this combo, please email me at


28.08.11. WHAT A WEEKEND!

Last weekend was our summer club trial, who came out super good for our dogs! We have one new schh 3 dog in house, and two new schh 1 dogs!

We started on Saterday with tracking, Diesel was first out and came back with 99 points, My was next with the fantastick score 100 points! And the best part was that she did know it! She was so happy over her self, and we are so proud of them both!

Ob was next, were Diesel did show himselfe realy good, 95 points. My got 77 points, and we both did screw up the wall togheter... and we also lost all points on send out. But I was super happy with her, it was hot, about 30 c and humit... But she keept working.

Diesel rocked in protection, 96 and V. My did 82, and hopefully she will learn to not pull her selfe off the sleve... But we are super happy with them both...

Sunday was Kaos's turn. I have had big tracking problems with him the last month... He is having a infection in he's nose and have problems to smell... But he is super good to lie, so 93 points in tracking, and lost 4 points for eating gras at first artical!!

He didn't pull up anything crazy in ob, and ended with 91 points, and a mom who was so proud! ( moste becase he always do something stupid in trials )

Protection was a sweet suprice! 91 points and a super good performance... Love that dog!

Protection and obedience video is up of Kaos on video page. 


05.08.11. It is a plesure to tell you all who happy I am that My's Holter result did come back with the most perfect result I could wish for! She have had a 24 hours Echo monitor on her, and she even had it on during protection training, just to push the heart extra...

Mini man Ibux is also home now, as Franks new dog. He is after Cayos and Aggie vom Adler Tal, repete breeding of Huldra! Pict will come...


30.07.11. It is confirmed that Hailey van Xazziam is pregnant, and the litter is due in August. Hopefully this new Cayos litter will be healthy and and that we will see them out on the field. 

29.07.11. We have decided to retierd Cayos from the sport. He is 8 1/2 years old, still acting like a 3 years old. But to be able to still compete with him, he's brain have to train 14 days in a row, and he's body can't do it... But he will still be in training, and be able to have fun. He realy likes to NOT have to do the call out from the blind and back transports any more... Almost no rules...  And he also have earned he's retierment.

 30.06.11. Puppies from both of the litters ( Hilde and Aggie ) are doing realy well.. Jennifer and Tammy is both very happy about what they are seeing so far, they are active, loves food, playfull and love to bite! And they both are going to keep a puppy! Same for us!

We are leaving for Sweden today, My & Diesel is going with us over sea, will be good to only have one dog to train.. lol Looking forward to see all our friends again, pictuers and video will come!

11.06.11. Cayos have had another girlfriend on visit. The female is Hailey van Xazziam, from the same breeder as Cayos is from. 

We also have a update from the other two litters that was born 1-2 weeks ago. Both Aggies and Hilde's puppy's are doing great. Will post some pict as soon as I get some! 

05.06.11. Kaos got he's SCHH II yesterday! Super happy about that, even that he had some typical dobermann stuff during the track, and beeing him selfe in ob... But we got it and now of for schh III!

Will at the same time congratulate a Cayos son with schh III and a qualifying score for the Nationals! Way to go Ron and D'Cuda! 


03.06.11.  Cayos became a dad AGAIN! Huldras mom, Aggie got 2+1 yesterday, but nature can be realy unfear sometimes, and one of the male didn't make it  


27.05.11. Cayos became a dad again yesterday, Hilde got 4 + 3, mom and pups are doing fine! Congratulation to Kennel  VOM GEISTWASSER, Bill Kulla & Jen Acevedo!

16.05.11. Our friend Betty did get this realy cool pict of Kaos on training last week!


15.05.11. A big congratulation to John & Cholo who got 281 4th place at Working Dog Championship. He is now qualified for World Qualification Trial in June!  

02.05.11. My passed her ZTP yesterday down in NC, with the result ZTP V1B. We are realy happy about her performance. She was realy good under the whole test, unforturnetly the helper stepped on her foot.... And My was not happy about that.... But accidents happen!

28.04.11. Ultrasound has confirmed that Aggie vom Adler Tal have taken, and puppies er expected in 5 weeks.  

13.04.11. Congratulation to Frank & Cayos who passed and did well under AWDF last week. Cayos did show him selfe realy well, and worked awesome even in the hot wather. He ended with the score 84-88-83 = 255. Not bad for the old man!

Diesel was also showing him selfe realy good. Frank did the BH with him at a club trial, and passed with no problem. 

Congratulation to Mark & Eddie with 1th place!

And all the other compeditors who was there!


31.03.11. We are having two females here for breeding to Cayos. One of them have already been breed, and the other one is waiting for the right timing. The first female is:


After Justin vom Pendel Bach SchH3 IPO3 FH x Orla von der Schiffslache

More about this breeding can you read at Bill Kuller & Jennifer Acevedo webpage.


The second breeding is a repeat breeding off Cayos and Aggie vom Adler Tal.

H- Cayos av Xazziam Schh3 Ipo 3 HOT - SG Aggie vom Adler Tal Schh 3 HOT

Our Huldra is from the first litter, and we are so happy that we got that crazy little girl! Both of her brothers are doing great. One is in Europa and the other one did the breeder keep!

22.03.11. Last weekend were we down at Innetcity's training field. We got all 3 phases done on 4 off the dogs, will wait untill better gras condition to start tracking with Huldra. Thrugh the 3 days, the dobbies and Diesel had a awesome progress in protection. Cayos is going to AWDF in 3 weeks. As the oldes dog at the competition, the younges dog who is enterd is a Cayos son, and we are crossing all our fingers for both off them. Huldras mom is in heat now, and she will be up here to breed to Cayos again!


16.03.11. Gongratulation to Huldra who became 1 year old yesterday! 


14.03.11. Tracking season have startet for all the dogs, becase I and the dobermann are in USA now! We have already got 2 tracks in, and all 4 dogs have worked really good. It looks like Kaos's nose fluching did work great. He's tracking behavior is much better, he still have to find out that he actually can use he's nose now.... But it will be so much fun to work him now! Both the dobermann's tought it was so much fun to start to work bitework again...  Huldra... she is insane crazy... Everyone have told me that she is the closest to Cayos, that he ever have prodused... And I actually think they are right...  

06.03.11. Tracking season have started! Cayos and Diesel have got 2 tracks down in the last cuple off days. And we all are going on Thursday again. Will be really fun to see how Kaos will do after he`s nose flushing last fall. 


25.01.11. I almost forgot again! The little lapdog, Kaos is 5 years old today! My little man did get a great day, swimming this morning, playing ball and will get a pig ear later tonight. Happy Birthday Kaos! 


 03.02.11. Finelly!!!! The Dobies and I are soon on our way home! Got the email last night that everything was aproved, and we are ready to go as fast as we can!


29.01.11. Of course did we forget that My was getting older! She became 4 years old the 26 Jan, and she was so lucky that she got to try the new Dental X-Ray at work! Everything looks good, and she is as halthy as she can be!

Big kiss to the best BITCH, from all of us


03.01.11. I have forgot to say CONGRATULATION CAYOS!!!!! 8 years old, but still act like a 2 years old! We are hoping for 1 more year out on the field with him as long as he stay healthy.


28.12.10. New video is out from the ipo training camp in Sweden!




16.12.10. Here is a video of a Cayos son that are exported to Holland.It is a brother and litter mate to our Huldra.

Bakcat von Adlertal :   


08.12.10. The winter is here, and we have got so much snow now that we can go skiing with the dogs. Kaos & My really enjoy this trips, and they do not agree with me when we have to turn and go back to the car. I can`t wait to start to do the same with thouse who are back home in usa. Think Diesel and Huldra would love it. Cayos not so sure...  It is a super way to let them do something else, and it helps to build mucscle and conditions over the winter so they are ready for the real training in the spring. 


17.11.10. Kaos & My have been photographed together with a photo models today. It will be used in a campaigns against fur. We are looking forward to seeing the results once everything is finished. It was really fun, and the dogs behaved really good. But beeing a model in high heels trying to walk 2 doberman that want to go forward.... lol just to funny to watch...But she did a awesome job with. Will post some pict when I get them! 


10.11.10. Cayos did work awesome during the Nationals, and he did controll him selfe really good under the protection work. You can see the video of it. The total score was not what we had hoped for. Not so lucky with the draw, stadium early friday morning... And it was really hard tracking conditions. But he worked really good, and we both are verry proud of him.  Cayos will turn 8 years in Jan, but as long as he is healthy he will still get trained and be out there next season also. 


05.11.10. USA GSD NATIONALS are this wekend, and we wish all particpants good luck!


11.10.10. Two new videos. Huldra is doing protection and Diesel is flying over the banner. 

02.10.10. New pict on My`s site, and two new links from our friends.


20.09.2010. Frank and Cayos got 97 88 92 = 277 at New Engalnd Regionals and the qualifying score for the Nationals. They also got 3th place! Congratulation to all at the trial, and specialy too the hosting club!



14.09.10. This upcoming weekend is it two big competitions. New England Reginals and FCI IPO World Championships. 

We have many friends that are trialing but we want to wish Team USA, Team Norway and our good friends from Sweden, Micke Pounu & Treo a special good luck!!!!

 FCI 2010 IPO World Chapionships 

                   New England Regionals 2010  Hosted by Niagara Frontier Working Dog Club.


 11.09.10. I have finely starting to get some of the pict from this year Sweden trip up in the gallery. Take a look, and the video will be up soon... I hope

07.09.10. I sold my horse this summer, and last weekend have Ultra and her new owner been to a breding sertification and passed the drivetest and got a 3th place. I am so proud of both of them.


 We got a pict from  Kennel Sas-Van-Gent  in Holland that have a Cayos son. It is a brother to Huldra.

 Bakchat vom Adler Tal 6mnd old.





 Thanks to Betty at 5Dogs Photography for this awesome photo.

01.09.10. Two new video`s from Cayos & Frank at SNHWDC Fall Trial 2010 OB & Protection. We want to congratulate all the club members for super showing in the trial. Keep up the good work!


22.08.10. Congratulation to Claudia Romard and Kennel van Gogh with Deibel van Gogh with HD A. Then another offspring of Cayos is x-ray free.


13.07.10. A big congratulation to Ron Fox and D`cuda van Gogh with 97-82-96 and Schh 1


 12.07.10. I got the result on My`s blod earlyer this week, and she is VWD clear!


24.07.10. My did get a new titel today! NUCH ( Norwegian Show Champoin ) She got the last certification,  best female, and best in breed. Now.... no more shows  


 20.07.10. My did pass the SL I last Sunday. She had a blast out on the field.... She did find out really fast that it was no rules out there today... Pict and video from this year seminar in Sweden will come up as soon as we have it ready!


11.07.10. My & Diesel did passed the Swedish mentaltest today. Picture will come later. We are having a awesome time in Sweden. Good training, good dogs and alots of good people.


08.07.10. Tomorrow will Frank and Diesel arrive to Norway, then we will drive to Sweden to the seminar we are on every year. Kennel Canine For Use will hoste it, and we are looking forward to see all our friends again, get some training and have tonns of fun.


04.07.10.  Black Jax Bit`s Of Insolence ( MY ) was enterd in a show yesterday, and got CERT, CACIB & BOS. While Jean Dark High Love ( KAOS ) got RES. CACIB and was 3th best male.


 29.06.10. The BIG New England training weekend have been, and this year it was hosted by Innercity Schutzhund Club. Over 100 people and over 60 dogs was both days, there during the weekend for good training and ALOT of fun. It was a sucses and we both are looking forward to next year for it again. Even that it was only Frank and the gsd who were there....


Diesel & Scott.


 20.06.10. Congratulation again to one off Cayos`s sons, Balto von der Mohnblume who did find the larges narcotics find in history for Massachusetts, 2.5 kg Oxicontin!!


19.06.10. Many knows already that this year AWDF did`t go the way we wanted it to go, and after 94 in obedience, take a look at the new video I have! The famouse ASS BITE ;-)

 Here is some picuters off it also.

 17.06.10. Here is a pict of little Miss. Stubborn. She is now 13 weeks old, and the little devil just love to run around, dosn`t have time to sleep and she knows what she want!

15.06.10. Thanks to our friend Deb, who have taken care off the cute little devil while I am still in Norway, and Frank have been judging the last two weekends. She is growing and as soon as I have some good pict I will show her to all of you 

Congratulation to some of Cayos`s offspring:

D`Cuda van Gogh who have passed the BH

Denahi van Gogh who have passed the Police Dog test, and are under training.

Balto von der Mohnblume as a police dog.



 11.06.10. Much have happend since last time I did update the webpage.. I have been in USA for a visit, were Cayos have been in a trail. AWDC 2010... Did`t end the way we were hoping for... We also have a new meber into the family and I will come back with more info about everything later 


17.05.10. Cayos did became a dad again the 11th May to 7 puppies. The mother was Lina vom Haus Safko.


10.05.10.  It have been a late spring here in Norway, but we are findely starting to track again. Here is some pict of Kaos, My and the Furball 



 04.05.10. I just want to put out a link here so everyone can take a look what a awesome job T.Floyd dose for the sport. YOUTH 2010 


27.04.10. Frank and Cayos have been to the WDC in Ohio the past weekend, but it did`t go the way we had hoped for, but Cayos did super! And I am so proud of both of them  



17.11.09. Cayos & Frank have been to the 2009 USA National Championship.

New video from protection is in the gallery.

Betty from 5Dogs Photography have taken all the pict from the Nationals.I have also add her new website under WWW.




































































































26.10.09. Dolle van Gogh got her BH yesterday! She is a Cayos daugter and Diesel`s sister.

Kennel van Gogh had aslo a realy nice weekend with two new Schh 1, one Schh 2 and one Ob 1. Congratulation Claudia and Steve!

Video of Ace vom Haus Daka. Cayos son !

04.10.09 Jean Dark High Love got he's SchH 1 this weekend!!! 96-90-84=270

He also got High Tracking, High Obediance, High SchH 1 and High In Trail!!!!!

Pict in the Photo Gallery from the trail!

USA Judge: Mike Caputo.

29.09.09. Cayos & Frank did get 97-88-87=272 and 7th place at the New England Regional Championships. Pict will come later.

My garding "stuff" at home.... Cute or what....?

21.09.09. What can I say! Congratulation to our friend Jenny & Treo who became 2th in the Nordic Championships IPO in Finland last weekend!


FCI IPO Team 09.

 15.09.09. Pictures from the FCI ipo world 09 in the gallery.

07.09.09. New stacked pic off Kaos & My on theyr own site.


 30.08.09. A big congratultaion to our friends Jenny & Treo how did winn the Swedish Nationals IPO!!!!


FCI World Team 2009

 We want to say thanks to everybody who have helped Frank & Cayos to be able to go to the FCI IPO World, Schwanenstadt, Austria to represent USA.

All Members of SNHWDC

Members of Interstate Schutzhund Clab in NY 

Members of Quinebaug Schutzhund Club in CT

Members of Baystate Police & Schutzhund Club

Members of Outkast Schutzhund Club

Members of Inner City Schutzhund Club

John Sequino K9 Power Products

Simone Koproski Total K9

American K9 Country

Lance Woodley Compatible Canine Center

Tony Copani  Absolute Canine Experience


Individual Donations

Vadim Plotsker,  Anthony Braccio,  Kandi Jacopino,   Steve Beaudoin,  Mandy Connor,   Greg Fuller,   Bill Mulleady,  Deb Braun, Ken Magee, Diane Tremblay and  Elaine Soares. 

Dee Clark & Betty Lindblom for helping with the donation, they are taking pictuers of trail, show or just a training day...Contact Info     It is still some dates available!

And of course all the helpers who have helped Frank & Cayos.

You all know who you are  Thanks!

For information on Sponsoring Frank & Cayos
or donating, please contact


31.07.09. We have had some problems with one of the page on our site, Progeny! I will see if we can fix it as soon as posible.

16.07.09. We have been on vication, a training camp in Sweden that`s way it have been a long time since the site have been updated! But My got her BH :-)

 Kaos & Cayos passed the MH :-)  

The blog is updated, and a new album in Photo Gallery from Training Camp... I sill waiting for some more pict, from My`s BH...


22.06.09. Another new video.... Cayos at Breed Survey 09. 

20.06.09. Two new Video of Cayos from the AWDF 09. And new video of Kaos and My in blind work....

13.06.09. Kaos did get he`s SL I today.

24.05.09. Cayos & Frank got 94-91-91 = 276 at AWDF this weekend.

We have also some friends who have been out this weekend.

Brynhild Nordvik & Mezzrow Fabio: 82-92-94= 268 IDC

Matt Arpano & Ha`Ras Brenna 85-82-84= 251 IDC

It is more but I haven`t got the results... But a big congratulation to all this teams. Well done.


11.05.09. I have updated the blog and add some more pictuers into Spring Training gallery.

 04.05.09. New album in the gallery, blog updated & some new pict of Diesel and Kaos on their site.

21.04.09. Cayos and Frank did get 93-90-91 274 at the USA Working Dog Championships last weekwnd! They got 5th place at HOT and 9th place total.

03.04.09. Blog udated and I have add one new link.

29.03.09. New pict on Diesel site and blog updated with some pict.

27.03.09. Cayos and Beau got puppies 25.03.09. 3 females and 2 male. Mother and puppies are doing great.

23.03.09. A new star will shine on the sky tonight.. V Troll vom Kassler Kreuz SchH3 IPO3 FH2 KKL1 H.O.T.  did pass away today. He was one of Frank's competition dog, a true friend and exellent representativ for the breed.


Troll was:
5x "V" in conformation, 4 times at rigional shows
New England Regional FH Champion
New England Regional Universal Seiger
6X SchH3, IPO3.
98 Pts FH2
3x "V" in FH
Competed in 4 regional and 1 National event

You will always have a special place in Franks heart.


                  22.03.09. New headshoots of My, blog updatede and a new link.


 16.03.09. Blog updated with pictuers. New stacking pict of Cayos on he's site and a new headshots.


07.03.09. Blog updated, new link and it looks like Beau( Jegermeistershepherds) is with pups and we are looking forward to see them!

02.03.09. The video of Kaos is now on our video site!

01.03.09. I have add ( trying to add .... ) a new video.... A normal training day with Kaos....!!! We have been tracking for the first time this spring... and pict from that will come later.

25.02.09. Congratulation to Kaos, who are 3 years old today!


19.02.09. I have made a new photo album.... some few pict from our trip to Norway. And I have add a new link... Outcast photography.

16.02.09. We are back home from Norway, did have a awesome time there. Here is Ultra who is starting to be a big girl... 

Here can you see some pictuers from the seminar in Norway!




08.02.09. The seminar in Mo i Rana, Norway is over. And all dogs and handlers is happy over the seminar and the training. We had a awesome time there and thanks for letting us come! We are soon going down to Oslo for some training and fun with friends.

30.01.09. Cayos was bred to Beau van't Leefdaalhof, and the puppis are expected to be born in March from Kennel Jagermeister Shepherds

I have also put some new photos on Diesel's side.

26.01.09. Happy Birthday My!!! 2 Years old....

24.01.09. One new star is in haven. Frank's old dog, Uras did cross to the other side yesterday...He almost became 13 year's old and are 5* SchH III.

We will miss you old man...


23.01.09. Cayos have had he's new girlfriend on visit today.... More info about the litter will come....

I have add a new link, Hallmark K9. Schutzhund Equipment.


18.01.09. New video of My in protection. Kaos is coming later....


 Kaos and My laying in front of the woodstove.... and yes..they can be calm inside...


09.01.09. Cayos become dad again this week! A litter of 5, 2 girls and 3 males was born Thusday on Kennel Hausdaka.


07.01.09. Kennel Hausdaka have breed another female to Cayos. Nickie Vom Hausdaka is a black strong female, with alots of drive. And we are expecting puppies who wants to work...

I have also add Kathy's wp under www.


Cayos crazy on the pole.... And Frank is trying to get out of the mess.....

02.01.09. Happy Birthday Cayos!  Cayos have got he's birthday bite and a big bone today.... He wish all the litter mates a Happy Birthday!

New training video of Cayos!!!!

31.12.08.  We wish you all a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to a new year with training, trialing, seeing old and new friends. 

  29.12.08. I have add a new page in the photo gallery with som Christmascard we did get this year. Thanks for some beautiful cards.


18.12.08. Two new videos from training, Cayos and My.


15.12.08. Pictuers in the Blog about the Ice storm...

 05.12.08. I have finich the last site I made..." In memory " It is still not total finich... The blog is updatet, and one more pict in Cayos's photoalbum.


 25.11.08. A big congratulation to Dee and Gipsi with theyr SchH III titel! Well done girls..


21.11.08. I have made one new site, progeny.... It is still under construction. I have also start to made a site called In memory... Will be updatet soon. 


13.11.08. I have add one new link and a new page in the photo gallery of Ultra.


10.11.08.  Cayos have had a wonderful weekend.... He's first sett of protection training, and a nice black bitch have been her for breeding. More info about the litter will come later.


 04.11.08.  After 10 day`s in Norway are I`m starting to pack my bags for my trip back to USA. I have visit my horse,  ( the most beautiful horse in the world ) Spend some times with my friends and family, and of course trained dogs... So I`m looking forward to come home and train my own dogs... 

29.10.08.  Cayos is daddy again   Kennel Haus Daka got 4 males and  2 females.

I have also put out 2 new video of Diesel...



27.10.08. Congratulation to some friends who have been compiting this last weekend.

Bill and Xandor SchH III

Micke and Fargo IPO I

Jørgen and Hoffa IPO III

Jenny have past the MH with Meja, and the Swedish police test with Treo. 




23.10.08.   I have add a new site of my horse Ultra.   


 I have add some new links and some more pictures of Diesel in the photo gallery.


 Welcome to our webpage.

This page is about our dogs and what we are doing. We are training our dogs in schh/ ipo, and our goal is to compete in high level.